Steve SaundersFeb 12, 2016, 12:29 am

How should White Plains revamp its transit landscape?

Online polls, socials media allows public input to become part of the city planning

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City officials hold a public meeting to give residents a chance to share ideas for redevelopment opportunities in the downtown transit district. The first meeting of three was held at the White Plains Library on Wednesday night.

A study funded by a $1 million dollar grant from the State of New York is helping officials get a better idea of what residents would like to see in their city’s transit area.

“It's a chance to get a lot of baseline information and an opportunity for what we as a city want to see, then we talk to private developers who have different proposals that match what we as a city want to have,” says Mayor Tom Roach. With the help from the public, developers hope to create a plan that will manage pedestrians, bikes, and cabs while also creating more open space.

“What's most exciting for us is the addition to the green space,” says one resident who is also hoping to see more shops near the train station.

City officials are encouraging people to use social media to share their ideas, residents can also send their thoughts through text message.

The next meeting will be held in June.

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