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Rockland officials recover $50K in counterfeit goods, make 3 arrests

Selling of fake designer items helps support terrorist activities, sheriff says

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A county-wide sweep for counterfeit merchandise in Rockland has led to multiple arrests and the discovery of thousands of dollars’ worth of fake designer items.

Three people have been arrested in what officials say is an ongoing investigation into counterfeit goods. They have recovered over $50,000 of such in this investigation so far.

"We know through our intelligence here in Rockland County … and throughout the country that, in fact, these products help support terrorist activities,” said Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco. “It's something that we are in the forefront of and something we are conscious of when we work every single day.”

Dean Golemis of Global Security and Investigative Services represents designer brands and has worked closely with law enforcement to find knock-offs.

He says this type of crime has effects on every side of business and the economy.

"These people are making money off of the hard work of these brand holders,” Golemis said. “Also, most of these places are not paying sales tax, so the taxpayer is losing revenue."

Most of the merchandise is shipped in from China. Officials believe it's then delivered from New York City into Rockland County.

And for consumers who may not know if they’re buying counterfeit merchandise, the sheriff gives this advice: If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.



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