Carolyn FortinoSep 29, 2017, 4:33 pmOct 3, 2017, 6:41 pm

Rye home owned by Sen. Latimer's family has unpaid taxes dating to 2012

The home, which belonged to Latimer's mother-in-law, has a tax lien of over $46,000


The home at 60 Roosevelt Avenue in Rye is still listed as being owned by Alice Phelps, who is the late mother-in-law of State Senator George Latimer.

Now, news has surfaced that the property has a tax lien accrued over the past 5 years, totaling over $46,000.

"My mother in law passed away five years ago," Latimer said. "And her estate is still being adjudicated. When that process is completed, all of the obligations that accrue to that are going to be satisfied, and one of them is back payment of taxes on the house."

Latimer, who is the Democratic nominee for Westchester County Executive, said that it was a shame that the incumbent, Republican Rob Astorino is "going after something personal."

According to Rye's property tax database, the lien is due to unpaid city, school and county taxes.

"Nobody loves to pay taxes," Astorino said. "But you can't go five years without paying them. There are a lot of options, including selling the property to pay off the taxes, but, everyone else is doing it, everyone else has to pick up the freight, and it's unfair to everybody else."

The home has not been lived in since Latimer's mother-in-law passed away in 2012. The Latimers own and live in a separate home in the city of Rye.



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