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Local retailers hope to have economic boost on ‘Small Business Saturday’

Event was designed to allow mom-and-pop shops to profit from holiday shoppers

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Big box retailers have had their day with Black Friday, now it's time for the little guy to shine on small business Saturday.

“Small Business Saturday” is all about putting money back into the local economy by spending money at mom-and-pop businesses. So in places like downtown Suffern, people will be doing just that all day.

What supports a local economy is found on the main streets of villages like Suffern - privately owned businesses named after the families who've owned them for generations.

These mom-and-pop stores and restaurants and retailers will soon be filled with customers who want to shop locally to not only support the village but the hard work of the people who keep small towns thriving.

“Small Business Saturday” is just day two of the Thanksgiving shopping trifecta after Black Friday and ahead of “Cyber Monday” which promotes online shopping.

Small businesses can benefit from both “Cyber Monday” and Black Friday too by offering sales and discounts, but when it comes to certain luxury products, local stores often pale in comparison.

That's why local officials around Rockland County are promoting folks to shop local this “Small Business Saturday.”

Another great benefit to shopping locally, not just on “Small Business Saturday” but year round, is there are some products out there that are more personalized, handmade and so unique that you wouldn't be able to find them at big box retailers. And for some, those make great gifts for the holidays.

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