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Spring Valley Board of Trustees votes to give police department 5 new vehicles

PBA president says lack of working cars slows down officers’ response, puts people in danger


The Spring Valley Board of Trustees voted in favor of 4 new police cars and an inspectors' SUV for the police department. The price tag was about $200,000.

PBA President Mathew Galli showed FiOS1 News the run-down fleet of police cars. The force is operating with about four working cars. The rest are not safe to drive and falling apart.

Mayor Demeza Delhomme blames village trustees for a delay on the vote.

"Finally they come to their common sense and vote yes because I put the pressure on them," Delhomme said.

"It was never, ever voted down, there was a question about purchasing the cars out right versus leasing it," said Trustee Vilair Fonvil.

Mayor Delhomme says the force could get the vehicles as early as Wednesday. He says the funds are there and money isn't an issue.
FiOS1 News reporter: “What does this mean for public safety?”

"You’re going to have more patrols in the vehicle, it’s going to have higher presence, you’re going to have officers at your doors quicker," said Galli.

The vote came after about three hours of discussion and fighting on other agenda issues.

Spring Valley resident Claudio Lopez said the vote on the police cars should have come earlier due to its importance.

"It's very important. The police can save a life and save incidents and a lot of things," Lopez said.

Mayor Delhomme added he's going to propose to the board that the police get another five vehicles.

Galli says Tuesday night's vote was a good step in the right direction.

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