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New statewide laws incentivize businesses to hire veterans and raises minimum wage

New York will be starting the New Year with a series of laws that will affect businesses and their employees

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The New Year is already bringing changes to New York’s laws that will affect workers, businesses, and drivers. Several new laws affecting minimum wage, health insurance and a number of other important matters are going into effect.

Fast food workers will see a slight increase in their paychecks as wages go up to $10 from $9 an hour. Statewide minimum wage in New York is going up to $9.70 an hour - that's an increase from just $9.

Starting today, businesses that hire veterans returning home from service will receive a tax credit in a new extended time frame. The credit is equal to 10 percent of wages paid and 15 percent if the veteran is disabled. The hire-a-vet tax credit period will run from January 1, 2017 until January 1, 2019.

Also going into effect today, New York is cracking down on drivers with tinted windows. Drivers can only have 30 percent tint on car windows so that the remaining 70 percent allows more light into the car.

State auto inspections will enforce the new tinted window law which was passed in an effort to help police see drivers clearly.

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