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PD: Special needs student hurt after falling out of Yonkers school campus building

Incident occurred at Andrus Campus late Tuesday afternoon

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A student at a Yonkers school for kids with special needs is injured after falling from a window on campus late Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the incident occurred at the Andrus Campus on North Broadway in Yonkers.

Part of Andrus is the Orchard School for children with special needs. The school and the facility has not released any information about the child, but police have said the student fell out of the window around 4:30 p.m. and was taken to a hospital.

The campus is very large and it's not clear which building is Andros Hall where police say the accident happened.

What is known is that the Orchard School has about 150 students in grades K through 9 year round and then about 80 students who live on campus enrolled in a special treatment program.

Most of the campus buildings are at least two stories high. Currently, it is not known how serious the injuries to the child were.

The story is still developing and FiOS1 News will bring you more information as it becomes available.



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