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Students making their voices heard in push to rebuild Yonkers schools

City officials are asking students to get involved in pushing for more state aid to revitalize the city's schools

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“We need to rebuild Yonkers schools.”

That is the message being sent to state lawmakers from Yonkers Public Schools administrators and from the students themselves, at a rally on Wednesday.

More than 270 members of the Yonkers High School’s freshman class gathered with Mayor Mike Spano and other officials to learn how to make their voices heard as part of the “Rebuild Yonkers” campaign.

Last year, the city formed a construction board tasked with repairing the high school and 38 other schools in the city, and now the city is looking for funding.

“We continue to ask our residents, our teachers, our parents and our students to continue to reach out to the Governor and our city delegation, saying its time to rebuild our schools,” Spano said.

Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada joined the mayor in urging students to become part of the push for more state aid, asking the youngest class in the school to spread the message through social media.

Students at today's rally seem to have accepted the challenge whole-heartedly.

"I personally feel that this is a really good school," 9th-grad student Tinasia Knowles said. "I want to keep going here and I want others who are coming out of middle and elementary school to be able to come here and have a better environment."

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