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SUNY New Paltz students protest after hateful graffiti with word ‘Trump’ found on campus

Demonstrators say they will not tolerate racially charged messages

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At SUNY New Paltz, students organized a walk out, after hate graffiti directed at minorities was found on campus. Some believe that graffiti is a reaction to Donald Trump's presidential victory Tuesday night.

It was a Thursday, around 7 p.m. when student Victoria Lopez walked into a bathroom stall inside her dormitory hallway, and saw the graffiti scrawled inside the bathroom stall racially charged messages, along with the word “Trump” written next drawn out hearts

Lopez is Mexican-American, and says the message deeply offended her. So she, along with other students, organized a walk out Friday to protest President-elect Donald Trump as well as the racially charged graffiti she found in her dormitory bathroom.

The students say around 500 people came out.

The school's president sent an email out to all students promising the administration would "bring to bear all appropriate processes on any report of bias” and encouraged students to seek support through the school's psychological counseling center..

The bathroom stall is painted over now, and the culprit has not yet been found, but to Lopez, she says this hate motivated graffiti only pushes her to keep fighting for what she believes in.



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