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SUNY Purchase to continue water testing after elevated lead levels found

Over 1,000 samples have been collected over the past two months with results expected in coming weeks

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Is the water on campus safe to drink at Purchase College? The school says it is working thoroughly to test water samples after less than 10 percent of the samples collected this month showed elevated levels of copper, lead or coliform.

“They're pretty random throughout campus,” said Sr. Director of Facilities Mike Kopis, of the pollutant levels. “We don't have any buildings one building is getting all the samples so we've been able to control it a little bit and work with the students on a plan.”

Earlier this week students were notified of the test results via e-mail. Those FiOS1 News spoke with say it's an issue they're paying attention to.

“Everybody I know has got a water filter in their apartment or whatever and we usually don't drink the tap water here just for safety purposes you know,” said Jack Romano, a senior.

Facilities Director Mike Kopis says they are collecting a second round of samples to try and zero in on where the elevated levels are coming from on campus.

There is the possibility the initial tests may have included false positives. They have a plan in place to provide bottled water in areas where the water may not be safe to drink and Kopis says they are being very thorough in testing the water all throughout campus.

“In this building we'd hit the men's and women's restrooms on all the floors,” Kopis continued. “We'd hit any water fountains that are here; bathrooms or kitchens so every single residence hall, if there's a kitchen or bathroom, whether it's an individual unit or a hallway, we've sampled them.”

“I was glad that they told us ‘cause it's good to be honest and transparent with the whole thing,” added Jack Romano. “But there was definitely a sentiment around like if there's a chemical or lead in our water that could potentially be pretty scary.”

The initial testing results did not show any traces of E Coli. More testing results are expected in the coming weeks.

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