Lower Hudson Valley


Both workers had been arrested and charged with official misconduct and receiving reward for official misconduct

Ricardo Zamudio produced the video while taking part in a internship at Greenburgh Town Hall

Health officials: The tick poses a threat to livestock, unsure about humans

Yonkers Police Sgt.: Violence was not random, stemmed from a prior dispute

Judge: If Anne Marie Messiano doesn’t show up to her next court appearance, a warrant will be out for her arrest

Residents: ‘It’s a very sad thing. ... They were giving back’

Facility’s administrator says spill content is minimal and won’t impact residents

New designation ensures the district will get reimbursed for free meals

R&S Waste Services, which is owned by Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spezio, has been accused of violating federal law

Over 30 percent of opioid overdoses nationally involve benzodiazepines, drugs used for insomnia, anxiety and restlessness



Nyack, New York
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