Attorney: ‘Stephen Boyd is just looking for justice for his daughter, himself, accountability.’

Victim's family: Donovan Brown’s life was going to mean something

Judge: ‘You’re a bully; that’s generous. You’re really a gutless coward’

George Latimer: ‘we want to operate Playland effectively as the amusement part of tradition and history that is

Lawyer says she’s still recovering after being shot multiple times

Suspect is a minor, has been on the run since January

Lawyer says the deceased toddler had no signs of physical trauma

Judge tells Errol Hillary, 'I'm going to put you in a cage, like the animal that you are'

Authorities say Joao Souza, 19, was stabbed to death by 20-year-old Long Island man

Angelika Graswald, 37, receives sentence of 16 months to 4 years after pleading guilty last summer to criminally negligent homicide



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