Health officials say about 100 of the 520 people aboard were evaluated after complaints of coughing and fever

New technology gives TSA better insight of what passengers carry through checkpoints

Governor says New York will continue to help island territory until rebuilding is complete

Project will reportedly generate $223M in tax revenue over the next 40 years

Robert Thomas' body was found at a depth of about 171 feet

Democrat says he wants to assess the recovery and find out how the state can best help the island struggling with power outages and shortages more than a month later

Francisco Smile Nicasio-Ramiez, 22, accused of killing 54-year-old Rafael Pena

'These people need a lot of help. We have to remember they're American citizens,' Cuomo said after arriving back

Passengers arriving at JFK say they will be staying in NY until the storm passes

Retailers were prevented from opening additional outlets in the city by so-called radius restrictions in their lease

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