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While Lisa Percoco has not been charged with a crime, they allege that her job was part of a bribery scheme

Former lobbyist Todd Howe claimed that Cuomo yelled at him when a deal to build a basketball arena in Syracuse fell apart

Todd Howe's arrest came after he testified he violated the terms of his cooperation agreement with the federal government

Prosecutors say Joseph Percoco was paid over $300,000 in bribes to help three businessmen in their dealings with the state

The government has used Howe's testimony to try to prove Percoco accepted over $300,000 in bribes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo issues executive order to promote open internet access in the Empire State

Plan includes reshaping of bail system, ensuring access to speedy trial and more

'Anyone who believes that this country is about keeping people out doesn't understand what this country is all about'

Federal Transit Administration criticized the states' reliance on a 50-50 funding agreement with the federal government dating back to the Obama administration

Law requires for pets to have embedded microchips with contact information

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