Health Care


Lowey says that the Trump administration's 2019 budget neglects the public health needs of the nation

Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase have announced they're forming a new company to address health care costs for their U.S. employees

President Donald Trump called for a "new American moment" of unity

Democrat says he wants to assess the recovery and find out how the state can best help the island struggling with power outages and shortages more than a month later

The legislation will give health benefits to thousands of first responders suffering from life-threatening disease

Experts say consumers aren't likely to see major changes any time soon, although the White House is promising lower costs and more options

Trump's latest overture to Dems followed GOP failures so far to fulfill the party's yearslong promise to repeal and replace the ACA

The Graham-Cassidy bill would repeal major pillars of the health law and replace them with block grants to states to design their own programs

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hopes to kickstart a legislative vote as early as next week

Rep. John Faso said in a statement: 'The ACA as it stands now will collapse under its own weight if nothing is done'

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