The GOP's new tax plan is expected to hit homeowners across the county hard

Sewer proposal could cost taxpayers $40M and increase taxes by 4 percent

Democrat Shelley Mayer and Republican Julie Killian public money for charter schools, lowering taxes in New York State

Some local officials say that Cuomo's plan will incur added expenses for local governments

FiOS1 sits down with certified financial planner Nahum Daniels to help you deal with the new tax laws

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam sits with Nahum Daniels for advice

Fraudsters change their caller ID to make themselves look like IRS employees

FiOS1 News and The Journal News take a closer look at the state law

The plan will limit the number of people itemizing their taxes, meaning tax payers will not be able to deduct their charitable contributions

It might not be beneficial to pay your taxes early, experts say



Nyack, New York
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