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Police: 2nd teen arrested in connection to deadly stabbing of Valeree Schwab in New Rochelle



FiOS1 News and The Journal News take a closer look at the state law

The plan will limit the number of people itemizing their taxes, meaning tax payers will not be able to deduct their charitable contributions

It might not be beneficial to pay your taxes early, experts say

The tax plan could have a significant impact on tax deductions in suburban areas near New York City

If majority votes for creation of new town, budget would not be affected until 2020

‘Ask Astorino’ event held in New Rochelle highlighted issues impacting the area

Senator says plan would strike critical blow to New York's middle-class

Residents urged to be aware of threatening phone calls and e-mails phishing schemes

If budget is approved, NY would spend more on education per capita than any other state

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Nyack, New York
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