Detectives say multiple guns, silencer and bump stocks were found at Robert Csak’s home in Suffolk County

District official says valve on a chemistry table inside classroom was bumped into and left partially open

Police say the suspects were attempting to steal vehicles in the area

Glen Edwards, 17, faces felony charges, including making a terroristic threat and reporting a false incident

Robert Thomas' body was found at a depth of about 171 feet

Music community reacts to Building manager said he rented the apartment to Sayfullo Saipov, 29, several months ago

Christopher Vlangas, 41, faces multiple statutory rape charges, prosecutors say

At least 527 others were injured in the Sunday night attack, authorities say

Police confirmed 18-year-old Jorge Chapa Tenesaca was swimming in the river when he went missing and found his body an hour and a half later

Principal of Woodglen Elementary urges parents to ask children to notify them if they find narcotics

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