Property Taxes


Residents: There could be legal challenges to those tax deductions

A controversial resolution seeks to use a state law to get around the $10K tax deduction limit for state and local taxes

Plan would require homeowners to pay more than $211 per every $1,000 of their homes' assessed worth

FiOS1 News and The Journal News take a closer look at the state law

The plan will limit the number of people itemizing their taxes, meaning tax payers will not be able to deduct their charitable contributions

The property tax deduction will be capped at $10K under the tax overhaul signed Friday by Republican President Donald Trump

The county is trying to dig out of a budget deficit of over $100M

Talking to Westchester County Executive-elect George Latimer, on $1B airport proposal, gun show, and property taxes

The move allows the County to more easily borrow money without paying as much interest or increasing property taxes

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