Road Safety


Officials say continuous winter weather is impacting highway department’s budget

Plows hit the road to clean the roadways of accumulating snow

Robert Greenstein believes there's too much traffic near Saw Mill River Parkway and Roaring Brook Road

Residents say they are concerned about biker safety after accident

In September the state Department of Transportation began addressing road safety, Orange County residents want more addressed

Detectives say Kia Sorrento driven by Damita Mathis, 56, involved in multi-vehicle collision in Scarsdale

The Hum Rider uses hydraulics to 'elevate' driver experience, while the Hum x is a smart device for vehicles

Upgrades would include sidewalks, crosswalks and narrowing 4 lanes to 2

Districts’ concerns of students’ safety in icy conditions lead to decision

FiOS1 spoke with drivers for their tips on how to stay safe on the roads

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