District weights its options after 5th graders submit petition calling for elimination of homework

Police say 15-year-old student suspected of stabbing classmate is still at large

The petition says the name change should not be at the expense of history and certainly not taxpayers

Area that was to undergo renovations became toxic material dumping ground

Visitors to Scout Field are upset they weren’t properly notified, worry project will limit open space

Store owner kept parlor open after village order to shut down due to permit error and complaints over traffic, noise

Sean and Christine Cohen, who run Nance's Coffee, say the MTA put their lease up for bidding

Mayor Demeza Delhomme says government corruption is being addressed, village’s assessed value will rise

1,400 residents signed petition to separate from the town, but its validity was called into question before the town board

Officials claim that their only purpose is to make sure the signatures on the petition are valid



Nyack, New York
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