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Police: 2nd teen arrested in connection to deadly stabbing of Valeree Schwab in New Rochelle



Thousands of pounds of syringes, diapers and face masks will be sent to areas still recovering from Hurricane Maria

Pressing community needs were addressed over dinner

FiOS1's Lorin Richardson talked to exercise physiologist Vinny Houston about the importance of stretching

The husband, wife and their 3 kids were on their way to a beachside resort

According to a study by Planalytics, sales at restaurants are expected to be down by 10 percent due to the weather

FiOS1 News and The Journal News take a closer look at the state law

New Year’s Eve accident claimed the lives of Irene and Bruce Steinberg and their 3 sons

Among the victims are a family of 5 from Scarsdale: Bruce and Irene Steinberg and their three children, Zachary, William and Matthew

Scarsdale Congregational Church remembers 33,000 victims of gun violence in 2017

Ways to speak with your kids about this sensitive issue and make sure they stay safe

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