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FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam finds out what's hot and new for students this year

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam explores presents for graduation day, Father's Day

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam speaks with Verizon spokesperson David Weissman

The event honored 6 individuals and groups who demonstrated outstanding efforts in volunteerism as well as major impacts on the community

FiOS1 sits down with certified financial planner Nahum Daniels to help you deal with the new tax laws

Immigrant community sees bill as victory for community

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam sits with Nahum Daniels for advice

Store owners say more than a million dollars’ worth of jewelry and watches were stolen

The short-term spending bill will hold up for 3 weeks

FiOS1 speaks with financial professional Nahum Daniels about ways to get into the giving spirit without breaking the bank

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