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While Lisa Percoco has not been charged with a crime, they allege that her job was part of a bribery scheme

Former lobbyist Todd Howe claimed that Cuomo yelled at him when a deal to build a basketball arena in Syracuse fell apart

Prosecutors say Joseph Percoco was paid over $300,000 in bribes to help three businessmen in their dealings with the state

Lobbyist Todd Howe was expected to take the stand Thursday; prosecutors expect him to detail bribery schemes he, Percoco and the defendants were allegedly involved in

Judge says testimony against former Ramapo Town Supervisor helped Troodler avoid prison time

Corruption loomed over 3 of the county's biggest races on Election Day

Sheldon Silver was sentenced to 12 years in prison after convicted of collecting $4 million in kickbacks

Proposals come after a jury convicted former supervisor on fraud and conspiracy charges

Christopher St. Lawrence faces multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy

Mayor Demeza Delhomme says government corruption is being addressed, village’s assessed value will rise

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