Westchester County Airport


For some residents, there are concerns as to whether expanding the airport will create traffic problems in the area

The county executive answered questions about the Paris Climate Accord, Donald Trump, Andrew Cuomo, and affordable housing

With millions traveling this holiday weekend, traffic is already beginning to build up

The County is now accepting outside bids for the airport

Travelers say it's too much of a hassle to try to fly out of airport in Queens

Travelers at Westchester County Airport say it's a less stressful experience than flying from other local airports

Plans for a partnership with Oaktree Capital Management were stalled in order to open a bidding process on the airport

Chairman of board says they’re trying to determine whether $140M agreement benefits county taxpayers

Democratic presidential candidate is gathering some of country’s top celebrities to hit the campaign trial with her

Rob Astorino says move would save taxpayers millions, but Board of Legislators has many questions

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