New Tappan Zee Bridge


FiOS1 News and The Journal News try to find indicators about what drivers could pay to cross the new Mario Cuomo Bridge in a few years

Workers began shifting lanes onto first span of new bridge at 9 p.m.

The first phase, carrying westbound traffic, starts Friday

FiOS1 News and The Journal News take a closer look at the years gone by and the impact of the new structure

Four lanes of Rockland-bound traffic will open, and that will remain until the second span is completed in 2018

Residents and local leaders say the decision came without public input and pressure from Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Residents living near the bridge are being surveyed on the addition of such a path, and if it should be open 24/7

With millions traveling this holiday weekend, traffic is already beginning to build up

Fire and EMS units were able to rescue the construction worker on the bridge catwalk without incident

Drivers are instructed to pass through the booths at 20 mph without stopping



Nyack, New York
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