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Pres. Trump says he'll be 'signing something' soon to end policy of separating immigrant families at the border



New documents reveal that former manager recommended Metro-North install signal code that would have prevented derailment before accident occurred

A century-old bridge is among several that will be reconstructed under the new plan

Commuters call on the MTA to perform more safety tests

Proposed Trans-Regional Express system would combine Metro-North, NJ Transit and Long Island Railroad

Renovation project is scheduled for completion in December 2020

The changes come as crews prepare to begin a 3-year project to improve the system

Goal would be to ease congestion in area that attracts 13M visitors annually

Westchester County feels the impact of freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall

Officials say there will be a $1.5B budget gap by 2021 if increase doesn’t go in place

The technology was mandated by Congress after a number of deadly train accidents across the nation



Nyack, New York
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