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Joseph Percoco, 49, was convicted in March of accepting more than $300,000 from companies that wanted to gain influence with the Cuomo administration

Cuomo becomes the automatic front-runner in November's matchup against Republican Marc Molinaro and independent Mayor Stephanie Miner

Sheldon Silver found guilty in his 2nd public corruption trial

Prosecutors: Father, son were ‘partners in crime,’ showed blatant disrespect for conflicts of interest

Prosecutors: Bidding process was corrupt; deals were steered to favored developments

Prosecutors said the former New York Senate leader used his position to secure a no-show job for his son

US Attorney Douglas Zolkind said the case was 'about the abuse of political power to satisfy personal greed'

The trial will include wiretapped conversations between the two

The Hudson Link program allows inmates to receive a college education

Lawyer aims to ‘beat the wrap’ before the case goes to trial

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