NJ Transit


Proposed Trans-Regional Express system would combine Metro-North, NJ Transit and Long Island Railroad

Commuters experience long delays for Amtrak, NJ Transit service

Inadequate screening, treatment 'led to worker impairment, collisions involving tens of millions of dollars in damage, and loss of life'

Federal Transit Administration criticized the states' reliance on a 50-50 funding agreement with the federal government dating back to the Obama administration

The transit agency screened 373 engineers for sleep disorders, and 57 were taken out of service until a full study could be conducted

Newest members say they are eager to go out to protect their community

News comes in aftermath of deadly train accidents believed to be linked to disorder

Transit agency updates on latest progress at NYC’s Penn Station

Commuters do not expect maintenance work at Penn Station to impact their travels

FiOS1 News asks travelers on Pascack Valley line how they will deal with their future commutes



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