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Dean, Adam Skelos have been found guilty on all counts in their corruption retrail

Indian Point Energy Center


In 2017, Indian Point logged over 8,000 hours of inspection time and only had a single incident

Over 300 members of the Utility Workers of America Local 1-2 to negotiate with Entergy over a contract that would determine if they will have jobs once the plant closes down in 2021

A local non-profit called for the facility to close immediately due to an alleged spike in thyroid cancer cases

The power plant provided $32M a year to the town of Cortlandt

Regulators assure the public that as the plant nears shutdown, staffing will be in place to make sure it is done safely

The plant provided $32M a year to the nearby town of Cortlandt

According to Astorino, the decision to close the nuclear power plant came without the state conducting a proper environmental review

After an inspection, one of the power plant's units was shown to have a number of failing bolts

County Executive Rob Astorino claims the law requires an environmental impact statement must be completed first

State Sen. Terrence Murphy questioned why local leaders were not contacted to discuss the closure



Nyack, New York
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