Long Island Sound


If the water is consumed individuals could experience GI symptoms

The new boardwalk has been built with 500-year storm-resistant materials

Waters from the Long Island sound flood some Westchester roads

Mayor Thomas Murphy says officials are coming up with a proposal for Harbor Island Park

The major project looks to connect Long Islands to Westchester County

10 other Westchester municipalities will conduct study of sewage systems under agreement

Led by conservancy organization, 'Save the Sound', the study will measure cleanliness at over 100 waterways along Long Island Sound

City and federal officials back Mayor Thomas' plan to replace city's sewers and move waste site from near Hutchinson River

The 72-unit, 9-building 'Watermark Point" community will take the place of the Beckwith Pointe Club, wich will be torn down

Property values are feared to drop in the village if 10-foot pole is built at water treatment facility

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