Lauren Svendsen of New Fairfield, CT, reportedly lost her life after a tree fell on her car

James Pyle, 70, has taught at Parsons Memorial Elementary for decades

Christopher Vlangas, 41, faces multiple statutory rape charges, prosecutors say

Christopher Schraufnagel was given probation with sex offender conditions after admitting to sexual contact with students

Arrangements being made for someone to take over Gjon Krasnici’s class at Virginia Road Elementary School, says superintendent

Yessinia Vasquez, 43, was arrested after probe by Stony Point Detective Bureau

District says it is aware of charges against 71-year-old Thomas Albright

Christopher Schraufnagel, 42, will be required to register as a sex offender and surrender teaching certificate

'I don't think that anybody who is molesting children should get off easily,' says one parent

An amended plea deal has been submitted and Christopher Schraufnagel’s guilty plea is off the table



Nyack, New York
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