Richard Thomas


For at least another week, the city will still be forced to stop all work at the site

Street sign on MacQuesten Parkway dedicated to slain youth

The city is facing a lawsuit for allegedly violating the Clean Air Act due to pollution and sewage in the Bronx and Hutchinson Rivers

Mayor's office says they hope to move past this litigation, restart construction at the site

Department of Justice threatens to sue the city for $37K per violation

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said Mount Vernon for years has discharged raw sewage and other pollutants from its storm sewer system into the Hutchinson and Bronx rivers

Junior’s Babysitter: ‘He’s a beautiful child.’

'The city is facing crippling fines and tax hikes for its 15-year failure to comply with the Clean Water Act'

Victim jumps out of a window; firefighters break his fall

City council got temporary restraining order after claiming officials deflated dome at nearby tennis courts without approval



Nyack, New York
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