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The state's constitution has not been rewritten since 1938

The charges against Ahmad Khan Rahimi, 29, carry a maximum punishment of life in prison

The Manhattan federal jury deliberated just over two hours Friday before telling Judge Richard Berman that it wants to return Monday

Prosecutors say that meant to kill Americans but "by some miracle" instead injured 30 people

A DNA forensics specialist told jurors that DNA matching Ahmad Rahimi's was found near the crime scenes

Afghan-born U.S. citizen Ahmad Rahimi, 29, is accused of detonating devices in September 2016

Holiday continues to receive some criticism from those who feel Christopher Columbus represents more than the discovery of America

The 29-year-old Rahimi has pleaded not guilty to using a weapon of mass destruction and other federal charges

HBO's hit show is back for a ninth season after a five-year hiatus

Prosecutors say Ahmad Khan Rahimi considered himself "a soldier in a Holy War against Americans"



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