'I don't get to kiss my son, I don't get to hold him ... They took that from me because of their cowardly punk actions, so I feel nothing for any of them.'

Suez Water says usage has not declined since county executive issued conservation order

The owners allegedly did not inform former residents that they would need to leave the building in a timely manner

Delegates erupted in cheers as Clinton's primary rival, Bernie Sanders, made her nomination official

Law enforcement and young readers are paired up for one-on-one time at public library

Famous second baseman pays a visit to some young baseball fans at the Summer Trails Day Camp

Building, which had been housing Jewish schools since 2006, is allowed to function as a temple

Orange and Rockland Utilities: Uprooted tree knocked down power lines in New City

First Lady’s address all but wiped away earlier tumult between Clinton and Sanders supporters

Lawyer says Sarra Gilbert grew schizophrenic due to sister Shannon Gilbert’s disappearance near Gilgo Beach

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