Fallen trees leave customers in the dark, block off streets and damage cars throughout the region

First responders attempt to resuscitate 50-year-old who later died in Nyack Hospital

Mostly sunny with strong winds; temperatures will be in the high 40s

This comes after reports of lead contamination in water at schools in Newark, NJ

This spring, crews plan to make repairs between Exit 5 and Exit 8

The East Fishkill PD is providing a safe space to do so – in their camera-monitored parking lot

‘We must become enraged and engaged and seek to put an end to violence and the culture of hopelessness in our communities,’ Mayor Richard Thomas said

Creation born of both modern and ancient techniques, using computer layout and quills dipped in natural inks

Advocates say raise in hourly wage is necessary to make ends meet

Deputy chief: Firefighters fought aggressively after finding flames behind wall

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Nyack, New York
Broken Clouds