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Breezy with showers; temperatures will be in the mid 50s

About 50 firefighters had to fight back flames; some cut holes in roof of structure to get access to the interior

Richard Thomas did not comment on what prompted the dismissal of Robert Kelly

Andrew Greenspan says years of opioids, physical therapy and injections didn’t provide the relief of his vaporizer

New Rochelle’s Stivenson Desir, 19, charged with shooting death of Brandon Lawrence, of Yonkers

Officials declared buildings uninhabitable after inferno

More than 50 firefighters helped battle the flames on Stark Court Monday morning

Twin Towers Middle School is using a social media campaign to help out former soldiers

County seeking private contractor to take over the facility

Vermont senator aims to get votes in rival and Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton’s backyard

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Nyack, New York
Broken Clouds