‘I'm very proud of this area, and I want the world to discover it – as long as everyone goes home after their vacations,’ the actor announced

2 crewmembers on board were rescued, unharmed

Yonkers native shot multiple times in a Burger King parking lot in September 2015

Community hopes to turn 83-year-old theater into a nonprofit and landmark

Despite legislation on non-explosive pyrotechnics, officials encourage adult supervision

Register from Hotel Lafayette will be on display at the village museum

Officials say flames were accidentally ignited by charcoal stove on 3rd floor

Court rules that county officials failed to build public support for plan to build 750 units

Fines will increase from $1,500 to as much as $5,000

Some officials were hoping the plan would bring more tourists to the area

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Nyack, New York
Broken Clouds