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Police: 2nd teen arrested in connection to deadly stabbing of Valeree Schwab in New Rochelle



New Yorkers must register to vote by March 25th to be able to participate in the April primary

29-year-old was rescued from 9-foot-tall shaft he fell into

Fire chief says downed power line ignited flames that were fanned by strong winds

Group will be hitting the books until May when they graduate from New York Medical College

Proposal would require the county to invest $30M instead of $57.5M for the project

Prosecutors say Edward Foley has received sex offender treatment before

Suspect around 40 years of age allegedly motioned to 8-year-old girl playing outside, trying to get her to approach his car

Among other action items, officials will distribute 100K tablets that kill mosquitoes

Several inches of snow possible in many locations

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Nyack, New York