Town of Ramapo


Christopher St. Lawrence faces multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy

David Carlson received 5-year prison term for the 2013 shooting death of Norris Acosta-Sanchez

$27M project will include 324 beds, classrooms, fitness center and dining options

Sabrina Charles-Pierre’s position was invalidated because she was not sworn in within allotted time

State monitors release report outlining success over last 2 years and challenges ahead

Several town buildings offering residents refuge from dangerous conditions

Republican Bill Weber: ‘I want to get to the point where Ramapo is respected again in the county’

Prosecutors say Ramapo officials used false documents to get municipal bonds to build sports arena

Court issues stop work order as attorney for Viola Estates says there are no violations to be disputed

District has been granted an extra $3M in its budget in exchange for state oversight



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