Puerto Rico


Students spent a week recording islanders’ experiences in their film ‘Hope in the Dark’

Trip to struggling island will create roadmap to power restoration

Students at Pace University take media project beyond the classroom

NY Governor wants more government money to be allocated to fund the island's recovery

Thousands of pounds of syringes, diapers and face masks will be sent to areas still recovering from Hurricane Maria

Parts of the island are still without power, months after Hurricane Maria

Democrat says he wants to assess the recovery and find out how the state can best help the island struggling with power outages and shortages more than a month later

Dr. Erik Larson heading to the island this weekend to bring medical supplies

Habitat for Humanity of Westchester uses music to help bring those impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Maria home

Price would be cut down to nearly half the cost for those attending SUNY and CUNY schools



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