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Democrat Shelley Mayer wins Special Election for 37th District in NY Senate



FiOS1's Lorin Richardson dances to the beat of the drum

The study found that women are stressed by multiple factors, including work-life balance and personal and family health

Lowey says that the Trump administration's 2019 budget neglects the public health needs of the nation

FiOS1's Lorin Richardson tries a high intensity interval training class that tracks one's heart rate

Carlucci says mental health professionals need to be able to report behavior that may put their patients at risk

Westchester and other NY counties prepare to sue several opioid manufacturers and distributors

FiOS1's Lorin Richardson tries acroyoga a yoga and acrobatics class, and works out with a partner

The Department of Health has teamed up with St. Joseph's Medical Center to battle the illness

60 out of the 62 counties in New York have retained counsel to file similar lawsuits

Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase have announced they're forming a new company to address health care costs for their U.S. employees

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