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Congress people host news conference on immigration in Yonkers.



21st Century Cures Act’ requires comprehensive plan for research and prevention of disease

Officials deny easement for pipeline that, activists say, would have threatened the Standing Rock Sioux tribe's only water source

Harrison neurosurgeon says there is no reason to assume that the drug can cause long-term brain damage

The school has also sent home 20 students who were never immunized against the virus

Improper use of earbuds, specifically high volume sound, can cause irreparable damage to children's hearing

Nyack Hospital celebrates new bill for efforts in early breast cancer detection

Athletic director: School is looking into more confirmed cases before athletes are allowed to swim

School raised $20K in 2015 in event to benefit Brandon and Brian Rojas

Andrew Greenspan hopes his story will help loosen medical marijuana state laws

Initiative aims to help parents prevent sudden infant deaths



Nyack, New York
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