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President Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland



Here are some warning signs to watch out for and tips to properly prevent tick bites

Maloney targeted Faso in his own district after Faso promised some constituents he wouldn't vote for an Obamacare repeal

Rep. John Faso said in a statement: 'The ACA as it stands now will collapse under its own weight if nothing is done'

The fungus called Candida auris is a harmful form of yeast

At first 'Mosquito Control Day', department offers tips to prevent mosquito bites and illnesses

People flushing unused or unwanted drugs down toilets, drains to blame, say environmental groups

Residents are advised to let their tap run for 30 seconds to a minute to reduce lead concentrations

Activists from the areas of the Saw Mill, Bronx, Pocantico and Sparkill watersheds want to shed light on pollution issues

According to CDC, most adults have been exposed to HPV and over 40 percent of adults are infected

Mother of a teen overdose victim wants to share her story in the face of the opioid epidemic sweeping the country



Nyack, New York
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