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Director of communications: ‘Every 2 seconds someone needs blood, we need everyone that’s eligible to get out, donate’

Yonkers Police Sgt.: Violence was not random, stemmed from a prior dispute

Judge: If Anne Marie Messiano doesn’t show up to her next court appearance, a warrant will be out for her arrest

R&S Waste Services, which is owned by Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spezio, has been accused of violating federal law

Clarkstown supervisor: The current crossing doesn’t meet standards

Neighbors: Accident made a loud noise, lights went out, children screamed

If the water is consumed individuals could experience GI symptoms

NY governor urges Republicans to pass protective measure in wake of upcoming Supreme Court pick

Ben Brafman said the movie mogul-turned-#MeToo villain is stacking up 'overwhelming evidence' from email traffic and witness accounts to refute allegations against Weinstein

2 counts of predatory sexual assault against movie producer carries maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted



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