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International sporting event attracts thousands

Pablo Villavicencio is reunited with wife and daughters at home on Long Island

New technology gives TSA better insight of what passengers carry through checkpoints

Authorities say Joao Souza, 19, was stabbed to death by 20-year-old Long Island man

Cuomo has raised the possibility of eliminating the tip credit to bring workers' hourly pay rates up to minimum wage without counting the tips

The administration of Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that 14.2 percent of adults were smokers in 2016, compared to 14.5 the year before

Gov. Cuomo wants to fund a study to find out

Legislation would provide relief to people living in high-cost states like NY, NJ

A Salvadoran woman who has worked, lived on Long Island for decades worries that she'll be separated from her kids

Smoke and flames tear through building adjacent to a private school

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