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Officials reveal the permanent home for the Islanders will be built at Belmont Park

The Seattle-based company set off fierce competition last fall when it announced that it was looking for a second home, promising 50K jobs and construction spending of more than $5B

Cuomo says state has plans to utilize wind energy instead of endangering shores with potential spills

The opioid overdose reversal medication Naloxone is now available over the counter at many drug stores

Obesity is one of the highest contributing factors to high blood pressure, doctors say

Afghan-born U.S. citizen Ahmad Rahimi, 29, is accused of detonating devices in September 2016

The 29-year-old Rahimi has pleaded not guilty to using a weapon of mass destruction and other federal charges

Witnesses take the stand on the second day of Ahmad Khan Rahimi's trial

Ahmad Khan Rahimi has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is being held without bail

Ahmad Rahimi is accused of detonating homemade bombs in NYC and Seaside Park, New Jersey last September



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