Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas


Richard Thomas is expected to give his State of the City address

Local leaders acknowledge Dr. King's message, look to move the city forward

Officials from the tri-state area received more than 60 recommendations for the region

Councilman Andre Wallace says police did nothing to help him after he got into an altercation with Mayor Richard Thomas' brother, 'Butch,' at local bar

Mt. Vernon mayor says in statement that Councilman Andre Wallace spit in his brother’s face

At least 12,000 cubic yards of soil and debris dumped at Memorial Field without permits, report states

Mayor Richard Thomas aims to prioritize public safety, add more police and firefighters to the force

The initiative comes amid complaints about nonresident students attending Mt. Vernon schools, costing the city extra money

The funding for the projects comes as a result of Governor Cuomo dedicating over $2B for similar initiatives

Comptroller Maureen Walker took issue with Mayor Richard Thomas' Facebook post about the incident, calling him a "spoiled brat"

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