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Health officials: The tick poses a threat to livestock, unsure about humans

Over 30 percent of opioid overdoses nationally involve benzodiazepines, drugs used for insomnia, anxiety and restlessness

The tick, which is native to Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Asia, has been associated with several tickborne diseases in humans

George Latimer proposes studying traffic date, looking at height restrictive barriers for trucks

George Latimer says the county is considering suing the city of Mount Vernon for control of the project

The city is facing a lawsuit for allegedly violating the Clean Air Act due to pollution and sewage in the Bronx and Hutchinson Rivers

Half of children will remain in federal custody past court-ordered deadline

The narrow ruling frees public employees from paying fees to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining

Analysts say motorists can expect to spend over $200 more on gas this season due to high demand and crude oil prices



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