FiOS1 News’ Lorin Richardson climbs and ziplines her way at Boundless Adventures in Purchase

FiOS1 News’ Lorin Richardson learns some balancing exercises on the inflatable tool

New study reveals a large percentage of women with breast cancer can avoid chemotherapy, beat disease

Max Pearce, a native of Tuckahoe, wins an online voting competition, earns the final place in the contest by

The Purchase native has connected thousands of teens to community work

Thomas Schwarz, who took over as Interim President in 2001, has announced that he will be stepping aside

The school's Performing Arts Center has undergone a $1M renovation

Incoming officers endured 20 weeks of training to protect county streets

The walk is the fourth largest Making Strides event in the country

Price would be cut down to nearly half the cost for those attending SUNY and CUNY schools



Nyack, New York
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