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The New York Attorney General has accused Thomas of stealing over $12K from his campaign and diverting $45K from his inaugural comittee

Officials say district does not have the funds to cover $604M spending plan

Battleground Zero, White Plains residents say they’re ready for doors to be open

Rosa Ramirez, 27, is facing a charge of 2nd-degree murder

‘Indivisible Ulster’ unhappy with John Faso’s relationship with NRA

Lowey: 'Increased investments in the National Institutes of Health could also yield life-saving cures for cancer, Parkinson's, ALS and more'

Employees at Curaleaf in Newburgh are working to clear the stigma around medical marijuana

The state is investing $26.7B in education, some of which will go to schools in the Hudson Valley

Cuomo has raised the possibility of eliminating the tip credit to bring workers' hourly pay rates up to minimum wage without counting the tips

A series of nor'easters left many in the region without power for days

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